Advanced facial reflexology

Facial Reflexology has many benefits. As well as working the reflexes on the face it also stimulates muscle and anatomical structures which when compressed can impact the body. In many cases it has shown an improvement in conditions such as migraine, sinus and hay fever symptoms, bruxism, bells palsy.

Although the main focus is on the health and wellbeing aspects the added bonus is that the skin texture can show an improvement and your skin can be left with a lovely glow.

Virtual facial reflexology

I am now offering 30 minute facial reflexology sessions via zoom as shown above.

I will demonstrate several points and techniques that you can apply to your own face for stress and anxiety relief.

This is followed by some Native American rattle and singing bowl music to dispel negativity. I also do a gentle relaxing visualisation.

These sessions are ideal for people whilst in lockdown, people who are shielding and people with limited mobility who are unable to attend a clinic for a treatment.

I will email a short consultation form prior to your appointment.

At the treatment I would advise you to have a clean face and hands. You may use a facial oil, moisturiser or nothing at all. It is personal preference.

Please contact me on 07949 306 832 to book your session.