Even though Government restrictions have eased I am still implementing my covid 19 policy

 I already implement a high standard of hygiene: hand gel is used before and after treatments; clean towels and covers are used for every client; clean towels are kept separate from used towels; all equipment is cleaned regularly; disposable spatulas are used with waxes; no rings or bracelets are worn as they can harbour bacteria; nails kept short and varnish free; disposable latex- free gloves are worn when necessary.


Other things that I will be implementing are as follows: 


I will continue to wear a face mask and a visor. 

 If I experience any Covid 19 symptoms or test positive I will cancel your appointment and self-isolate. I expect my clients to do the same if they have symptoms. I currently take one PCR test per week and two lateral flow tests.

I will wipe down my equipment (reflexology recliner and stool) before and after every appointment. A wipeable cover will be placed on the reflexology recliner. A fabric cover will be placed over the top. A new cover will be used on my recliner for each client and the wipeable cover cleaned with an antiseptic cleaner. As always new towels are used for every client. If people have sofas or chairs that recline it may be best to use these, and I will bring my own stool to sit on. Please provide your own blankets if needed.


 I will be wearing a tabard over my clothes that will be changed in-between clients when working at a distance from home. For local appointments I will go home to change uniform in between clients.


 As always, I will adhere to strict hygiene standards using hand gel before and after every treatment. If wearing gloves I will still use gel before putting them on and after they are removed. It is not mandatory to wear gloves but I do have disposable latex free gloves if you would prefer me to wear them.

Consultation forms will now be emailed to clients and then returned via email whenever possible. I am registered with the ICO and adhere to GDPR regulations (please see privacy policy)


 I will ask for payment via bank transfer whenever possible. This is just a guide and is subject to change. As always, your health and safety are my priority. Keep safe and I look forward to seeing you all very soon xx